I-Gard Reconnects with Dynamic Braking Resistors

Dynamic Braking Resistors are used with AC Variable Speed Drives to prevent an over voltage trip while slowing a high inertia load. The dynamic braking resistor is connected across the DC bus and can see voltages as high as 1000 V DC. The resistance value in Ohms determines the amount of braking torque produced and this determines the rate at which the motor can be stopped. The resistor wattage is sized to prevent overheating during normal braking cycles. 

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I-Gard Adds New Rep for US Southeast

I-Gard is pleased to announce the appointment of Industrial Sales/ Marketing, Inc. as its sales representative organization for Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and Florida Pan Handle. I-Gard’s comprehensive line of ground fault relays, insulation monitors and arc flash mitigating equipment will be represented to consumers in order to keep equipment and personnel safe from electrical hazards.

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I-Gard Sponsors Canada's Electrical Safety Superheroes

I-Gard along with Electrical Business Magazine congratulates the winners of its second annual Electrical Safety Champion Awards (ESCA) program, the first and only program of its kind to recognize companies and individuals who are passionate about promoting the health and safety of Canadian electrical workers.

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New Gardian Combines HRG with Arc Flash Reduction

On September 10th, I-Gard officially launched sales of the new Gardian into the market. The Gardian has the protection of high-resistance grounding with the reduction capabilities of arc flash mitigation, all within a NEMA 3R enclosure containing current limiting resistors and ground fault relay with an optical arc detection sensor.

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I-Gard Opens New Office and Manufacturing Facility

On April 28th, 2014, after 30 years at Kimbel Street, I-Gard has officially opened its new doors at Bath Road in Mississauga, ON. The move has enabled I-Gard to expand the square footage in both its office and manufacturing facility.

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I-Gard's Sentinel Wins 2013 Product of the Year: Protective Devices

A top selling high resistance grounding system, the Sentinel, wins Category 34 in Protective Devices in the 2013 Product of the Year.

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I-Gard Now Registered in the Canadian Controlled Goods Program

I-Gard is pleased to announce that it has received approval of its application for registration in the Controlled Goods Program (CGP).

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Arc Flash Mitigation at I-Gard gets UL Listed

After quickly proving innovative success in the market, I-Gard’s Falcon, arc mitigation and optical light detection unit, gets UL Listed.

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Neutral grounding devices over 600 volts now UL Listed

I-Gard is pleased to announce that as of December 15th, 2011 its range of standard NGR products from 600 volts to 46kV are now UL Listed.

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